Friday, January 28, 2011

The Blog is Back! It's 2011 and the NCRS is Busy.

So now we are well into 2011. I rarely even write 2010 on the date line anymore. And the NCRS is pretty busy with a number of projects these days. Even though it is mid-winter and the fields are covered with snow. One project is the construction of two new buildings on the South end of Farm 3. The first one started on Wednesday will be for fertilizer and chemical storage. Here we see the posts going up. It was a challenge for them drilling the holes through 36 inches of frozen ground.
By the afternoon the trusses were in place and it was fully framed.

Here is what it looked like this afternoon. They work fast. We will also park our Hagie sprayers in here, including our new plot sprayer.

Another project was putting duals on the planter tractor, the JD 7220. Should pull good now, right?

Wait, did I say "new plot sprayer"? Yes, and here it is. It was delivered on Wednesday. Hard to believe that this will be used just for plots.

I mean, after all, our plots are much narrower than 90 feet wide.

The 1000 gallon tank was removed and six individual product tanks will be installed here. We have some pretty cool plans for how this will all work, but much work lies ahead in the pretty short time till it will be used. But I don't like to talk about plans too far in advance. But stay tuned for progress reports.

But Happy New Year just the same. And tell your friends that the blog is back, baby.