Sunday, October 10, 2010

All Eyes on Potato Harvest This Week

So I have written plenty lately about corn and soybean harvest at the NCRS this past week. But what has Brian and crew been up to, hmm??? Well they have been quite busy with potato harvest. The first step is to dig the potatoes with the plot digger. Here we see Tim and Andy catching the plot output.
Under the watchful eye of Brian, the potatoes are collected in baskets and then put in bags.

The bags are collected and hauled up to the barn for sorting.

Here we see Andy sorting the potatoes by size catagory (you know, A's and B's) and Tim weighing the sorted potatoes. This goes on for each plot. And there are 60 plots. So research is slow and steady, but that's how we learn.

So the next time you grab some fries, remember that guys like Andy, Tim and Brian worked tirelessly paving the way to better potato production.