Monday, January 30, 2012

Meanwhile Back in the Shop

So I took these pictures last Friday, but didn't get around to showing them as all effort has been devoted to the Research Report, which we finished today. It was a rare sunny day last Friday afternoon when the South door of the new shop expansion was opened to bring something inside, and the sun leaked in. I just took this picture of the new Kinze planter, and did not notice until download that it looked like we had the tanks lit up. Pretty cool. Although I guess someday we will actually put some fertilizer in them. But I do enjoy that new tank smell that we have now. Here is what the fertilizer delivery options look like, with the sides removed. It is the same as on the Monosem for in-furrow placement. There is the option of the Tubular or Seed Firmer delivery. We have done research on comparing these the last two years. It's in the report. Here are the Martin No-Till row cleaners and coulter.

And here is a shot of the Monosem planter with an important change that I requested. Notice that the 2x2 fertilizer application coulters are in the front of the planter. They were behind the planter in previous years. Well I didn't like the way that they would throw dirt, I mean soil, over the planted rows rendering them practically invisible. It wasn't much, but it made it hard to see the rows, especially in no-till. So like if I'm applying treatments in the sprayer after planting, well I don't like not being able to see the rows as a guide, even with GPS guidance. And Phil, who does the herbicide spraying after planting, had the same issue. Plus it doesn't look cool with the nice straight rows covered. We would usually raise the coulters up if we weren't using the 2x2 placement. But that was a pain, and now we will be pain free. Thanks to Ron for the job well done.

So that is just a small part of some of the winter projects. There is a lot of activity going on in the shop these days. I know because I can hear people working out there from my desk inside.