Thursday, February 16, 2012

Department of Agronomic Sciences Department

So this week we had a meeting of the minds from the Department of Agronomic Sciences. The field agronomy staff, that being Jay, Alan and Cory, were in town to meet with us researchers from the NCRS to review plot results from last year and make research and field plot (PFE) plans for 2012. And other stuff too. We also saw the unveiling of the plans for the new world headquarters for Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers, which will start being built soon. It was amazing to see the computer generated plans that look like real pictures. It will be quite a structure and the architecture will show our agricultural roots. Can't wait to sit on that lobby couch. But I digress. We are all looking forward to getting the new year of research and PFE plots underway. After nearly two days of being confined in a windowless room, we took a field trip to the NCRS to show our out-of-town visitors the many new things at the farm. Below Doug shows our new fertilizer tank confinement building. The manifold in front of him will direct the specific fertilizers to the loadout, either a tank on the war wagon, planter or sprayer. Well once the hoses are connected, that is. Cory checks his phone for messages. Jay, Cory and Alan are all smiles as Stephanie gives a demonstation of the new Greenstar gps monitors which will be used to guide us to operations in the field. Nick looks on favorably at how the dollars he approved were spent.
Tim shows off the two-row vegetable transplanter, which was first used in 2011 with great success.

Ron talks about the new Kinze planter which will be used for corn and 15-inch row soybeans. It is all ready to be wired into the controllers and instruments in the tractor cab. Cory checks his phone for messages.

Since this was the first time we have all been together for some time, maybe ever, I forced everyone to pose for a picture. So here are Alan, Doug, Brian, Jay, Cory, me, Stephanie, Nick, Phil, Bay City Brian, Dan and Ron.
(Not pictured: no one, we're all here!) An impressive group indeed, so focused on fertilizer it's running out our ears. Thanks to professional photographer (really) and part time tree planter and cutter downer John for taking the pic.