Thursday, February 27, 2014

Aerial Assault

So I was sitting at my desk today, and it seemed like something was missing.  Hmmm...what was it??? And then I remembered:  Hey, I've got a blog!  Has it really been almost a month since my last post?  Has anyone missed it?  Well, whether you did or not, here is the next installment.  (And I'm sitting on several adventures that I will get on the blogosphere ASAP).  

So some people may think that this is the slow time for us folks at AgroLiquid.  I mean, most of the country is under snow, how much fertilizer stuff is going on now?  Well plenty.  There's planning, answering phone calls, planning, buying stuff for the upcoming season, planning....and grower meetings.  All of us researcher types have been involved in some meetings around.  Stephanie, Tim, Brian and even me.  Like the week before last there were some dealer meetings in North and South Dakota.  Now Cory happened to be in St. Johns and since the meetings were kind of hard to get to, we rented a small plane to take us out there.  Cory is a junior pilot himself, so he took the right front seat to watch and talk to our pilot all the way from Michigan to South Dakota.
We left in the late afternoon and got to watch the sun go down as we headed West.  
We flew to Watertown, SD to pick up SAM Brad and then went up to Jamestown, ND for the night.  Here we are lined up on the runway to land.  It was incredibly cold and windy after getting out of the plane.  It was North Dakota after all.
Tyson, who works for AM Chad picked us up that night and the next day drove us into the coldness of the ND winter to our meeting.  It was a thumbs up performance.  Then back to Jamestown and fly to our next meeting back in Watertown.
Here Brad enjoys the scenery on the trip.
Cory explains the many virtues of AgroLiquid to the spellbound audience.
Then the next morning it was goodbye Brad, drop Cory out, I mean off near his home in Iowa, and then back to Michigan.  I got to sit in the front then.  I made sure I didn't touch anything.  That's the frozen Mississippi River below.
And we landed back where we started at the airport in Grand Ledge, MI.  Which coincidentally is where I live.  Well several miles to the North anyway.  That plane ride was a good way to get around. 
 Thanks to our pilot Pete who has flown Liquid people around before, but I'm sure this was his favorite trip.