Tuesday, September 16, 2014

We Love Our Hagies So Much That They Had to Come See Us

So followers of happenings over the years at the NCRS know that we have used Hagie sprayers for a long time.  How long you ask?  Well I'm not sure, but it's been a long time.  Back when I actually did work at the NCRS, I put many hours in this 8240 model that was modified for plots.  I really liked the boom in front where you could see everything.  And that was our second one. (Didn't have a pic of that first one handy.)  It did great for what we used it for, and led to many foliar fertilizer product discoveries. (At the time it did seem big.  Probably from climbing up and down the ladder so many times during the day.)
Phil still does all of the herbicide, fungicide, insecticide, dessicant and production topdress applications in this 284 model.  It's got some years on it, but still does a great job.  Like a classic car, we just can't part with it.
And of course you know that we have an STS 10 model since 2011 that has been converted for plot use.  Recall that there are 6-100 gallon tanks and a bank of smaller tanks which can be mixed into a treatment application on the go.  Doug did the early transformations before transferring to the company Fleet division, and Tim has made more modifications to what it is today.  Surely the finest plot sprayer on the planet.  And probably on others as well.  Not sure about Neptune.  (You probably thought I would say another one, didn't you?)   But this one is way too complicated for me to operate, so I just take pictures and dream about the 8240.   
So with our long time loyalty to the Hagie brand, it was only a matter of time before they paid us a visit.  And that was last Friday, September 12.  And while they were here to see the NCRS, they also made time to attend the opening of the IQ Hub and participate as a board member of the Responsible Nutrient Management Foundation.  Sadly I was out of town and didn't get to say Hi.  But below Stephanie points out some of the modifications to Alan Hagie (yes, that Hagie), the President and CEO of Hagie Manufacturing.  I can see in his look that he likes what he sees in our plot Hagie.  Not sure if they will offer a line of sprayers with a 15 foot boom though.
And here is Alan, on the right, with a couple members of the company management staff, Newt (left) and Amber (middle).  They are actually at the Hagie sprayer part of the 4R display in the IQ Hub.  It's very cool and you should make a trip to St. Johns to see it.  The IQ Hub is now open for business. (Tell them you know me and they'll let you in for free!)
So that was all pretty exciting, wasn't it?  Not sure we will top that visit for a long time.  At least until they come back or something.