Saturday, November 22, 2014

Southwest Ag, Inc...Worth The Drive

So the first week of November I ventured out to see Southwest Ag, Inc owned by Dan Swanson, who is a long-time AgroLiquid dealer.  Where is Southwest Ag anyway?  Arizona?  New Mexico? Would you believe...North Dakota?  But it is in the Southwest corner of North Dakota in the town of Bowman.  They also have a facility in Mandan, which is next to Bismarck, the capitol of North Dakota.  I remember making my first trip out there from the Bismarck airport many years ago.  As we headed south from the interstate, it was pretty dry and barren.  I wondered what they grew there that needed fertilizer?  Well as you got closer, there is kind of a valley where there is lot's of good farmland suitable for crops.  They grow spring wheat, winter wheat, corn and some soybeans among others. And their business also extends South into South Dakota and West into Montana.  It's a nice place. On this trip, I actually made a couple of presentations at some grower meetings held out there. I thought they were good, and I'm rarely wrong on such things.  But I was greatly impressed by all of the fertilizer storage they have.  How many gallons can they hold?  Well, it's probably quite a few. So if you are farming in the area, stop by and fill up.  Or they will bring it to you.  Either way, it's worth the drive!