Monday, April 27, 2015

Unleash The Planters!

So it's not the early start that we were hoping for, but at long last planting started today at the NCRS. The weather was still cold (40's) and cloudy most of the day, but soil conditions were good for sugarbeet planting.  Below we see Tim and Stephanie conferring at the fertilizer "War Wagon".  The wagon received an update of more tanks and look at the labels on all of the valves.  Quite an array of Liquid on tap. 
 Tim guides the planter through the randomized plot layout here on Farm 7.
I guess hands are considered planters in the case of Tim B and Jacob setting transplant onions on Farm 12.  There are two rows per bed, and the Liquid fertilizer is banded several inches under the sets.  These are a new type of onion for the NCRS, and will grow to be giant bulbs.  They are using a piece of drip tape with marks to indicate where to push in the transplant.  Good plan.
And so it begins.  Soon all of that vacant ground will have growing plants, with many enjoying a season of invigorating Liquid nutrition. (Well some have to suffer with inferior Brand X for comparison.)  Makes me want to grab a drink.