Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Another Excellent Adventure

So on Monday, Senior Marketing Manager Lonny Smith and I went to Washinton D.C. to attend the 2015 4R Nutrient Stewardship Summit.  We arrived in the late afternoon, so as expected, I was anxious to play tourist and see as many of the famous sites as we could.  The meeting hotel was right downtown, so we could walk around for awhile.  And walk we did.  It was really hot, but nice and sunny for pictures. Here is the Washington Monument.  Didn't have time to go up it though. 
 And here is the World War II Memorial.
And of course we had to see the Lincoln Memorial.  Looks like lots of others did too.  There were lots of school groups there making their class trips at the end of the school year.
 And here is the famous statue of good ol' President Abraham Lincoln.
Partway up the steps is a marker for where Martin Luther King, Jr. gave the famous "I Have A Dream" Speech during the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom on August 28, 1963.
 Here is the view from that spot.  Imagine people all packed around the pool and steps at the time.
 Here is the King memorial.
We had to delay sight seeing for a bit as Lonny had some business to take care of in this building.  Keep smiling...they like it when you smile.  Or so I've heard.
Here is the Jefferson Memorial across the water.  Our (my) legs were getting tired by then, so we enjoyed it from here.  You can see him standing in there.  Well the statue anyway.
Here is the Korean War Memorial.  It looks pretty somber with the figures marching though the field. The artists captured that pretty well.  I was in D.C. on a previous quick visit around 20 years ago, but did not see this before.  So glad I did now.
And here is the capitol building.  It was kind of blurry in the strong light of the setting sun.  And the dome is under renovation.  Blurry and broken where Congress meets.  The irony is not lost.
So that was a great couple of hours.  I would sure like to spend more time there and actually go into some of the memorials.  Like we walked by Ford Theater and the Holocaust Museum and would like to see those from the inside.  But it's good to have something to look forward to.  I'll report on the actual meeting that we were there for tomorrow.  Hopefully.  Oh and we did see the White House from the cab on the way to the airport the next day.  Seeing it leaving town was fine.