Friday, November 20, 2015

Mrs. last!

So you learn something every day.  It seems that one of our favorite employees, Eustaquia, has become a United States citizen.  On Thursday!  I didn't know she wasn't. She has worked for AgroLiquid for years, most recently in material procurement, but all this time has been a resident and not a citizen.  Even though she has been married to a Michigander for years and has a school-age daughter.  Even though she served in the US Army years ago.  You may recall that she was featured in the blog in the past as a champion runner...the longer the better.  She is a fitness promoter, encouraging others to leave their desks at break to walk the walking path at HQ, me included.  Well perhaps all that devotion to fitness and family kept her from raising her right hand and pledging allegiance...but no more.  She and some 40 others took the oath in Grand Rapids.  So she is an All American now, and said she is looking forward to finally being able to vote.  Congratulations!