Monday, June 13, 2016

In Washington Wheat Country

So last week I was on a fertilizer mission out in Washington State.  We stopped at the Hefty seed and chemical store in Farmington, which is in the Southeastern part of the state right on the Idaho border. They are AgroLiquid dealers.  The store general manager, Doug Bruce also farms quite a few acres, and was out spraying for wheat rust when SAM Eric and I got there.  Sales Agronomist Jamie showed us around a little and then took us out to where Doug was spraying.  Well wouldn't you know that it started to rain and that shut down the spraying for the day.

So they loaded up the sprayer so it would be ready to go when it dried out tomorrow.  And Doug gave us a tour.  This was the first time I had been in this area.  It is really pretty.

 Here is a field of wheat that had Pro-Germinator and Micro 500 applied through the drill and topdressed with High NRG-N.  It looks as good as a wheat field can look.
A view of a valley with various crops, many of which fertilized with AgroLiquid.
 Doug and Eric do what all farmers do: count the wheat grains in the head.  It's loaded.
 Here is a wheat field comparison.  The wheat on the left is that of a farmer who uses some sort of conventional fertilizer and the wheat on the right is Doug's who used AgroLiquid.  It starts just outside of the sprayer tracks.  See the uniformity and how the wheat rows closed solid.  Seeing is believing to me.
 Doug has quite an antler collection back in his shop.  It goes around all four walls and has the date and shooter written on the wall.  It is not only Doug and others, but also his daughters from years ago.  He can tell the story of each one.
 Well at least they're honest.
So that was not all of my excellent adventure in Washington.  I can stretch this out a few more days.

P.S.  I finally have my computer back, and that means the return of Picasa!!!  So notice the excellence of these pictures.  I still think Google is hurting itself and loyal customers by ending Picasa.  But enough said already.