Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Finishing the Week in OK

So in addition to all of the wheat action in Oklahoma last week, I also stopped by a dryland cotton fertilizer experiment a ways West of Yukon, Oklahoma.  Yukon is the boyhood home of singer and OSU graduate Garth Brooks.   It has experienced a dry summer, nothing new there. Bolls are opening and will be anxious to see results later this year.
I had the chance to see former SAM Jacob Nowakowski at home in McLoud.  Jacob is farming full time now and is an AgroLiquid customer.  He was hauling corn from the Nowakowski farm to a turkey farm on this day. Was good to see him, and as many of you know, we did quite a bit of quality plot work back in the day on wheat and bermuda grass there at the farm.  In fact, the first ever edition of the wildly successful Research Supports Future Growth series was a report of our Bermuda Grass research back in 2009.  Those were the days.
And if you are ever passing through Hennessey, Oklahoma and you're running low on clean socks, stop by the Laundry Matt.  Nice place. Tell them Jerry sent you and  the first load is free.  (Not free.) 
Spell it like it sounds we Okies like to say.
So that was a good trip.  And always good to see what's happening back in my Oklahoma homeland.