Thursday, December 22, 2016

Research Report Plus Something Special For You

So here it is now in late December, and Research has met the goal of having the Research Report posted and ready for viewing before Christmas.  Stephanie is the researcher responsible for organizing all of this and has been cracking the whip to get reports submitted.  But here it is.  Want to see?  Well go to the Agroliquid website and click on the Research tab.
 Here are the list of recent reports, so click on 2016 Research Report.....
 ...and here it is!
 Scroll down to this page and there are a variety of options.  Click where you want to go. There are reports from the NCRS as well as off-farm research in Contract Research and PFE Trials.  You can check the weather, irrigation records and the always entertaining Intern Posters.  You can also review Product Descriptions.  What else could you want?
 Well one thing that people have wanted for years is a way to search all of the research records we have on file.  We produce the Research Report every year, but the only way to search for data has been to review the Table of Contents each year.  Who wants to do that?

Well Stephanie worked with IT and a web support company called Soliant to develop a user interface program to enable a data search of the Research Reports.  To find it, go to the Website and click on Research and then Research Results on the drop down.
 You will then come to the new search page.  There are a variety of search options, like year (at this time only 2013-2016 are available, but it will grow), crop, state, nutrients, application, product and other.  So you will have to play with it, but it is pretty thorough and impressive.  It certainly enables someone to find specific reports about a topic of interest.  So give it a try.
 Like say for instance, you want to see what research was conducted in Virginia.  So select Virginia in the State drop down.  Several records show up. Click on the PDF on the right and it will download.
 And here is a report of an experiment conducted by Virginia Tech University in corn from 2013.  Good stuff, right?  So this will be a valuable tool for finding research reports on specific topics.  At last.  So a big thanks to Stephanie for seeing this through.  
 And after hours of reading research reports, take a nap so you can start strong again later.
So that is the Christmas present from Research and Agronomic Sciences.  Unwrap and enjoy.