Sunday, June 4, 2017

AgroLiquid Ad Recognition

So certainly everyone remembers the AgroLiquid ad campaign that debuted with A New Game Plan. We saw where Farmer Dave has had no luck with his conventional corn fertilizer and makes a change to AgroLiquid where he finds great success.  The reason for success is explained in the soil where a new game plan of protected nutrition makes the difference.  It was on web and television.  Well these viewers weren't the only ones taking notice.  It seems that various entities who recognize excellence also took notice.
As such, the awards came rolling in, and they were recently announced to the folks at AgroLiquid World Headquarters in St. Johns.  Here are the awards that the New Game Plan campaign amassed. The Silver Telly (National TV ad under 60 seconds), the National Agricultural Marketing Association Merit Runner Up, and the Bronze Addy (60 second TV campaign).  Here is Luke Butler of Harvest Creative Services presenting the Addy to the Marketing team of Albert Bancroft, Angie Bunn, Adam Baudoux, and Kathryn Kendall.

So that was very exciting and well deserved.  But the bad part is that you have to top that with the next campaign which is already underway.  Surely you've seen the Sports guys and the new story with Farmer Dave and reporter Jenny.  Riveting, check it out!