Friday, September 24, 2010

Big Beans and Melons

So yesterday we harvested our Navy bean plots. It went really well, thanks again to the AWS Air Reel that we installed last year. This isn't necessarily an endorsement of the AWS, it's just what we use. Without the Air Reel system blowing the plants into the auger, we would have problems with the cut beans not feeding into the auger when we get to the end of the plot. Since Navy beans are kind of short plants, especially when loaded with pods, they don't get fed in with the reel. So a blast of air pushes them right in, and really reduces shatter loss on edible beans as well as soybeans. I am seeing more of these in use around the country too. But we really like ours.
The conditions were good for Navy bean harvest, as there was enough moisture in the beans that we did not have any problems with splits, as the picture below shows.
Tim is again featured in the blog, this time for the big watermelons that he grew in his home garden. Of course he used Liquid fertilizer, adding High NRG-N, Sure-K and Micro 500 to the watering can each time. He said he would add some Pro-Germinator next year for even bigger melons. Good job, Tim.
Now if he could only get one that big for the Fourth of July!