Thursday, September 16, 2010

Meanwhile back at the NCRS....

So just because I am away doesn't mean that the crew back at the NCRS is goofing off, or at least that's what they tell me. They actually started harvesting corn plots yesterday! Now it is very unlikely that a future year's blog post will announce corn being harvested on September 15. This is nearly a month earlier than normal, and usually we start with soybeans. But this was an odd year with much heat. So they harvested two tests of dryland corn from Farm 4 and Farm 6. Yields on Farm 6 which is extra sandy went around 110 bu/A, not so good. But the corn on Farm 4 which has heavier soil went around 170, which is surprisingly good for the conditions. These are early estimates from Stephanie who hasn't fully analyzed the results, but she knew if she didn't tell me that a phone call would be coming.
Below is a picture taken by Stephanie from within the scaled grain cart. There will be better pictures coming showing the whole process when I return because I usually take pretty good pictures of other people working.

So it is nice to get an early start, especially with the extra 250 acres we have this year. Go team go!