Sunday, August 14, 2011

2011 Mint Parade...Bring Your Umbrella

So yesterday was, once again, the annual St. Johns Mint Parade. As always, Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers was entered. It would be a three-part entry. First would be the Farm American car hauler trailer. the new 9000 gallon Super Tanker, and the #78 Farm American NASCAR show car. And as has been a staple for the last several years, vegetable hand outs from the NCRS (thanks to Dr. Brian, Tim and Dan), and of course the always desired 2 ounce ferti-Rain samples for houseplants. But the morning started with heavy rain. Would there be a parade? Fortunately just before heading over to the staging area, the rain stopped. At the pre-parade staging area, the Liquid contingent got separated, so no group picture this year. But below we see some of the Liquid-ites going over the parade strategy.
Below Nick makes a safety check with the Fire Marshall.

Now it's time to head to the streets. Liquid, as headliner, brought up the rear. Below they take their place behind a septic hauler and a bail bond truck.

OK, I don't know who this float is, but any float with a pug deserves a picture.

The Liquid banner leads us through the streets of St. Johns lined with townsfolk the entire route.

The vegetables are behind the race car and are bagged and handed to Liquid family for distribution.

Stephanie makes it a family affair with all three kids, and husband Ryan is somewhere. Don't drop that pepper Tyler.

Have a pepper....No? Ok, how about a cucumber?

Have a fertilizer.

Keep up with the car.

Nick, David and Andrea race to keep up with motorized Paul.

It takes a lot of employees and supporters to meet the demands of fertilizer- and vegetable-hungry St. Johns.

It takes the skilled piloting of the tanker by driver John Dixon to wind through the streets of St. Johns.

Everyone helps load vegetable bags.

The race car looked great on the streets. Next week is the NASCAR race in Michigan where it will race with the Farm American paint.

The end of the parade was just ahead at the end of Clinton Street in downtown St. Johns. Parade watchers wave at the tanker.

Sadly, by this time the supply of handouts was depleted. But Amanda and Stephanie march on. (Didn't Stephanie start this parade with three kids?) Then the rain started.

Wet paraders load into the car trailer for the ride back to the office.

Back at the office, the car is dried off to keep it looking sharp. It sure was a nice addition to the parade, for both the marchers and watchers.

Sadly, the rain made the usual visit to the festival show area a washout. But it didn't rain all day, so I presume there was something going on there. But the parade was a top success.