Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Still At It (and "It" is Research)

So yesterday was another beautiful Monday at the farm. Temperatures only in the 70's and we got 0.8 inches of rain over the weekend. So no need to run irrigation again. We are happy when it rains on the weekend so that it doesn't interfere with work. It was time to pick cantaloupes. Brian likes to make a game of it to keep the workers entertained. Here he tosses a ripe melon to John, who adds it to the pile for that plot. I didn't see any drops anyway. Then it is up to Tim to make the melon count and record the weights.
The field crops department has one more foliar application for the summer, that being on Black Beans. (Of which Michigan is the number one producing state.) Since it is the last one, and since interns Jeff and Amanda are now short-timers, they each got to make up a foliar treatment based on the vast fertilizer knowledge they acquired this summer. Here they are mixing up the treatments, with Jeff making sure he is grabbing the correct fertilizer jug.

Here is what the beans looked like yesterday. They are starting to vine and are flowering.

So they made this a contest for best treatment yield. The gloves are off. And to make it fair, each one made their own applications. Here goes Jeff.

And now here comes Amanda. We may have to call them out of class for harvest to keep it fair.

With that done there is still some vegetable picking today. But the main job is getting ready for our big company fertilizer dealers and sales management tour tomorrow. Tune in here for the latest on that later in the week.