Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back For A Visit

So yesterday we had a couple of return visitors. On the left is Ron Mulford, retired from the University of Maryland where he was manager of the Poplar Hill Research Facility on the Eastern Shore. In fact he was there for nearly 40 years, and has had plot evaluations of Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers in corn, wheat and soybeans. Last year about this time he paid us a visit, and was back again yesterday. He was accompanyed by Benjy Conover, Sales Account Manager for Liquid in that area.Even though he is retired, he likes field research so much that he is still going strong with a variety of plotwork for different ag interests, including ACLF. Ron has seen favorable results with Liquid in several tests over the years and has shared his impressions at a number of local meetings. (There are results printed in the 2010 NCRS Research Report on the website.) He brought with him results from this years testing from several sites for wheat and corn. Ron admits that he is impressed by the size and the top of the line research equipment used here at the NCRS to ensure accuracy of applications. One piece of equipment that really caught his eye was our modified air flow dry fertilizer applicator (see May 11 blog). While we are a liquid fertilizer company, accurate comparisons of products is key. This machine ensures that comparison treatments are applied right as we strive for the fertilizer truth. Anyway, it was an enjoyable day discussing results and looking at our plots in the nice weather that we had.