Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Biding Our Time

So the vegetable crew is still in full harvest mode. Below we see Troy checking on Jalapeno pepper progress with Brian. No time to visit, Dan and Tim keep picking. Get the chips ready for some hot dip.The field crop folks are getting the combine ready to start harvest. Hopefully we can get started next week as it is supposed to dry out and even be up to the 70's. Last year with early planting and lot's of good heat units, we started harvesting corn even in mid-September. But not this year with the late planting start and wet spring. But it will happen soon as Doug and Ron make sure that harvest will be problem free. (Now there's pressure.)
You can see the drill in the back of the above picture getting ready to plant wheat as soon as the Navy and soybeans are harvested. Below is one of our production fields that was planted early, and is a short-season variety. Hopefully next week I can show the same view with the beans gone.

We will be ready.