Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Exciting Day Makes It Official

So today was the official ground breaking ceremony for the new office building and headquarters for Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers. There was quite a crowd of people on hand anxious to see and be seen at the most happening place in St. Johns, and maybe even in all of Clinton County! It was a nice sunny day, but still cold and windy. But everyone was in a festive mood, especially when Troy gave his remarks. He talked about the history and growth of the company and the history and growth of agriculture, and why we needed a new building to enable ACLF to keep up with the growth.
The Farm American-Furniture Row NASCAR race car was on display along with several antique tractors and a new one with a new planter on loan from the NCRS.

And what would a ground breaking be without a bunch of dressed up guys in hard hats taking a shovel full of soil from a perfectly groomed yard? Well that was also part of the festivities. (Does anyone else remember an episode of the Berverly Hillbillies where Milburn Drysdale had a similar ground breaking ceremony for the new Commerce Bank building, and Uncle Jed and Jethro were surprised that everyone left after a single shovel of digging, when there was obviously much work yet to be done. So they stayed up all night and built a cabin where the bank would go, thinking they had done Milburn a favor. Hilarious. They don't make them like that anymore.) Below we see Troy and Nick in the middle along with some others from the architect and construction companies. After this everyone went inside for some of Troy's 2-cylinder ice cream.And here is a sign showing what is to come next year. It really will be a unique building that reflects the agricultural roots of our company, and yet be a modern facility that will be a landmark for the area. (I do like the reference to the importance of research to all of this.)

Here is where this building will go. Some wheat will have to be sacrificed, but it does so with honor and purpose.

So next July please stop by and help me carry my desk over into the new place.