Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"RFD Live": Their Best Show Ever

So yes, Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers was the guest on the TV show "RFD Live".  It is done in Nashville at a production studio.  It was an exciting opportunity.  The only thing that made me nervous was the "Live" part.
Here we are at the planning meeting in the afternoon several hours before the show.  Tonights guests are Sr. Agronomy Manager Cory, and  Joel Armistead, a grower from Southern Kentucky who has used Liquid fertilizers for several years, and has also been a winner in the Corn Growers Contest for Kentucky.  I have been fortunate to know him for a few years and he is a great spokesman for Liquid and innovations in farming. He is a well know speaker besides.  Oh yes, and me!  (You didn't think I'd go to all this trouble if I wasn't involved do you?) Below we are going over our lines and video content with  Heather the producer.  Lonny and Albert were also there for production support.
Next was my favorite part, the pre-show meal.  We ate in the celebrity dining room.  Well thats what I called it anyway.  We were the only ones there.
Next it was off to the dressing rooms to get our game clothes on.
And of course, make up.  You didn't think we wanted to be all pasty with shiny noses.  Or in my case, head.  Cory keeps asking her to slow down.  But Deanna kept watch and made him sit on his hands.  She was nice and had done make up for a long list of famous singers, actors and politicians.
Here we are in the hallway outside the RFD Studio.  There are a number of studios here that have filmed lots of stars, mostly Nashville singers.

And here we are on the set just before go time.  The guy on the left is the RFD Live host, Max Armstrong.  He is also a really nice guy and a real pro.  Did anyone reading this see the show?  Well don't despair, it will be shown several more times this week.  But it won't be live.  What did we talk about?  It was about what makes Liquid fertilizers different, the importance of Research (yay!), and how a farmer (Joel) has used Liquid successfully.  There were also some viewer call-in questions.  We were all pretty nervous before, but it was fun and the hour flew by, just like Max said it would.  I'm sure I talked too fast, but I haven't seen it yet.  But overall, I thought it was a good show.
So I am very tired, but knew the blog audience would want to see what the mystery trip was about.  More to come this week as my travels continue.