Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Keep Planting

So here is a rare mid-day posting of Live From the NCRS.  This has again been a busy week with decent weather for getting lots planted.  Although it did rain some last night.  That slowed things up some this morning.  So here are a few pics to bring you up to speed.  On Moday Brian and Tim started planting the potato plots.  Again, the mechanical planter seems to have done a great job with fertilizer application at the same time.
Doug plants corn up on Farm 10 with the Monosem planter.  We had three planters running at the same time yesterday.  Now that's the way to get plots planted.
Here is a pic of the strawberry plots.  They are all flowered and ready for some fertilizer to get into berry production mode.  Everyone knows there is such a big difference between fresh-picked and store-bought fruit.  But there is nothing like fresh-picked strawberries for taste......Oh, I'm sorry, must have zoned out for a minute dreaming of eating strawberries.  Dreams become reality soon.
We are generous to a point.  Brian and Dan put up a solar powered electric fence line to discourage deer.  As I have shown in the past, there is no shortage of deer damage to plots of all types, and hopefully this will encourage them to move on.

Ron works some ground on Farm 5 for one of the last corn plots to be planted this week.
Phil drills.  Soybeans that is, on Farm 5.
Stephanie and Kirk mix up the next soybean treatment for loading into the Kinze planter.
Tim's planter kicks up some dust planting the 15 inch row soybeans.
And before we knew it, the day was over.