Thursday, May 10, 2012

Take 42.....annnnnd Action!

So today it was back to the film set.  Cory, Nick and I made a video of what will hopefully be training information for the Liquid Field Sales personnel.  It was Cory's idea and will be called "Better Products, Better Choices".  I also suspect that Lonny in Marketing will get a hold of it and put it on the website someday.  Anyway, we all delved into interesting topics to enable learnin' and understandin' of Liquid nutrition. It was produced by Mick Rizzo and his company Creative Services.  Mick has been here many times and does excellent work.  Below we prep for the start.  Our sound stage was in our new equipment storage building.  But soundproof it is not.  We had to make frequent pauses for passing tractors or mowers.  This was important, but not too important to stop the research work outside.
Below we see Nick and Cory in a discussion about Liquid products.  There were four in the recording crew counting Mick, who was the director.  How many times did he say: "Again with more feeling".  "Good, but not perfect".  "Lick you lips and smile."  Really, the RFD Live was easier, because it was over in an hour no matter what, but this will look really professional and should help the sales guys (and girls.)  Oh and we didn't even have a make-up girl this time.  Shoooot.
Since they were at the farm, they filmed everything and everyone.  Below Dan and Tim put stakes in the ground to mark plots.  Actually all of these other shots will become a  documentary on the the season of Research at the NCRS.  We're still trying to contact James Earl Jones to narrate.  I can't wait.  Yesterday they filmed Tim, Stephanie and Kirk planting that field that I showed in yesterday's blog.  They missed the transplanting, but there is much more of that to come, so they will be back.
Today Doug took the new Kinze Interplant planter out for a test drive to check it out on 15" row soybeans.  Naturally that was recorded, as well as a cameraman in the cab with Doug. 
Evidently you couldn't blow your nose without being filmed.  Below Ron gives a take on tillage.
It takes time, but it is great to see what they can do.  They did the year-end NCRS video on the website called "NCRS Team".  So folks all over the world can take a peek into Life at the NCRS.  Naturally you are all invited to the Premier this fall.