Friday, June 8, 2012

Don't Be De-turd!

So the other day I was getting a haircut in St. Johns.  In the usual chit-chat, the girl cutting my hair asked where I worked. 
I proudly said "Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers." 
She said "Oooh. I always cover my nose when I pass that place."
I asked her why.
She said "Because I don't want to smell all of that manure!"
So I got out of the chair and gave her a dope slap and said "How stupid do you have to be to cut hair in this place?"  Well thats what I thought about doing.  But in reality, I told her that while manure can be used as a fertilizer, most complete fertilizer starts either in the earth or the air that we breathe.  We just re-arrange it so that plants can use it as food.   I added that there is no manure in the fertilizer that Liquid makes.  She said "Oh."  Well it was a start. 
We all have to spread the word about the goodness of agriculture wherever and whenever the opportunity arises.