Thursday, July 26, 2012

Spreading the Word

So this was a busy week of fertilizer meetings.  This was the week of the Corporate Growth Conference in both Atlanta and then Denver.  It was for the dealers, or Area Managers of Liquid fertilizer.  Of course a major part was the Research Update.  Below we see Stephanie on Tuesday morining in Atlanta talking about, well Research.  It was a Research Update after all.  She also gave an update on the rapidly approaching Research Field Days.  In fact one of them is already sold out.  There was also other stuff presented at the conference, and there was a good turnout of our great Area Managers, without whom, none of this would be possible. 
As with any Liquid event, it isn't all work.  Due to our association with Farm American and Furniture Row Racing, we got to visit the Atlanta Motor Speedway.  There were some folks from Furniture Row Racing to give us a tour and presentation about what is going on with Farm American.
We also got to ride in a pace car around the track.  Well not all at once.  So it took awhile, but we also got to see the turfgrass around the track that was fertilized with....that's right, Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers.  Sales Account Manger Jason Garcia was the point man on that project.  Although Stephanie did have input.
My turn.  Here we go.  We were going 130 mph.
Jay offers some back seat driving.
After that, we got to go up into the fancy box where the swell's seats are and have a great dinner.
After dinner, Troy addressed the group on topics as a LIQUID history lesson, our vision for the future and congratulations for a great sales year.
They had a trophy with the winners of all the NASCAR races at the Atlanta track on it.  Adam, Jay and I made nice for a pic.
Then it was back to meetings on Wednesday morning, good bye Atlanta, hello Denver, and do it again, except for the visit to the Atlanta Motor Speedway.  There was another group of Area Managers ready for some knowledge from Brian about the Fruit and Vegetable part of reseach.  There was another race-related activity planned for this afternoon.  That was a visit to the Furniture Row racing garage, as Denver is the headquarters for that team.
Alas, I had to miss that event as I am off on another fertilizer mission.  Rest assured that it will be reported here.  But it was a very enjoyable and knowlegeable week, hopefully, for the Area Managers and spouses who attended the meetings this week.