Thursday, August 16, 2012

Journey Into Dryland

So there is drought over much of the country this year making it tough for growers, ranchers, and pretty much everyone.  Can fertilizer enable better production in dry conditions?  That will be the unintended findings in some tests we have in Oklahoma this season.  It has definately been dry for the past several years there.  I was down yesterday to have a look.  Here is our replicated plot fertilizer test in milo near Hinton.  It has held on pretty will with less than 0.2" of rain in the last month and temperatures regularly over 100.  In fact it is ready to harvest.    
We also have a cotton test at the same location.  It is looking kind of rough.
Look at all of the flowers that have been shed onto the ground.  Hopefully they will get some rain to enable the cotton to hold onto the bolls that it has now. 
Below we see Sales Account Manager Jake and Area Manager Parker giving their views.  After much discussion it was concluded that some rain would be helpful. 
It is good to get out to see how things are in other parts of the country.  Wish I had better weather news.  After this I left for a continuation of the fertilizer mission to another place and some other crops.  Again, stay tuned.