Sunday, December 16, 2012

At the Almond Conference

So the second half of the week I was at the California Almond Conference also in Sacramento. It had a lot more attendees than did the Alfalfa and Grain Conference.  There were a couple thousand there.  Agro-Liquid was not only an exhibitor, but also a Sponsor.  Below we see our booth at the trade show with Armando, Alan and Jim at the helm.
Alan is 'splaining the ABC's of crop nutrition to some FFA visitors.
I enjoyed visiting with almond growers, seeing other exhibitors booths and attending some of the presentations.  I don't know what is wrong with me as I didn't take very many pictures at the show.  I did, however, take a picture of the capitol building of California on my walk to the convention center in the morning.  It is a nice looking building and I enjoyed seeing the palm trees.
I also saw this duck earlier in the week with a funky hair-do.
Anyone who has ever attended a trade show knows the fun of obtaining information and trinkets from the other exhibitors.  Well I got something that I have never seen before and that is a stuffed E. coli bacteria doll.  Evidently almonds need to be processed to be rid of any threat of bacteria, and there are various types of equipment available to do just that.  I would like to extend a laurel, and hardy nod to the log5 corporation for their clever marketing prop for their pasteurization and sterilization process.  I mean a bacteria doll, that is genius.  Well to me anyway.  I have already added it to my Christmas tree at home.  Quite a nice ornament.  Are you with me!?!
I didn't know E. coli had eyes.  That's spooky.