Saturday, December 8, 2012

Week in Review

So as usual the week flew by, but it was a very busy one.  First here is what it looked like this Saturday morning.  We got snow that covered the ground, but it won't last due to above freezing temps.  Hopefully it is a sign of things to come after last year of hardly any snow.  I didn't know that there was a sign up now telling you that this is Farm 12.
And here is what last Monday morning looked like.  Monday it was really warm in the low 60's and set a record high for December 3.  I'll say it again that Mother Nature is a maaaad scientist.  But she does make nice sunrises.
This week was also The Great Lakes Fruit and Vegetable show in Grand Rapids.  Agro-Liquid is a regular exhibitor at this show.  I like to go because of all of the good food and drink samples.  Like apples, jellies, cherry juice and much more.  I always come home with Blueberry Salsa from the Michigan Blueberry store.  Don't judge until you try!  And this year I got also got some Blueberry Barbeque sauce.  Never used that before but can't wait for a winter cook out.  Below is the new show booth staffed here on last Wednesday by a variety of Liquid folks.  Remember new SAM's Jeff and Bruce from last week?  Well they were in Michigan this week for orientation and paid a visit here to the show.  They are in the background talking to Dr. Brian. 
Friday was the Annual Liquid potluck in St. Johns.  This year all of the builders working on the new office out back were invited as our guests.  With a big crowd of over 100 expected (including employees from town and farm), there were roasters and crock pots all over the office using wall sockets.  Here is Colina giving a stir of her cotribution in her office.
Not to be outdone, Albert makes sure that his macaroni and cheese don't become burnt offerings in his office.
But no dish is as anxiously anticipated as my annual dish of weenie wraps.  (Insert your own joke here.) They look almost good enough to eat.
It's almost noon and time to get everything all set out.
The builders got to go first and really enjoyed the meal.  No one went away hungry and there were even leftovers. 
However there were no left over weenies!  (There never are.)
On a serious note, this year Agro-Liquid participated in the local adopt-a-family and drew names of three families having hard times.  The word was sent out to employees for contributions, and we were able to raise over $1400!  So gifts will be going to some kids who will have a Christmas to remember.  I felt proud when they told this.
It was back to work for the builders after lunch.  Here we see the excavation of what will be a pond in front of the current office.  Wait, how many heads are in that cab?
Well it's never too early to learn how to dig, right David?  Watchful father, Nick, kept an eye on this, no doubt thinking that this would be a nice addition to the Liquid equipment line now that he has a trained operator.
As usual, it is quite dark when you leave work these days.  The new building really glows at night.  All wrapped up for winter, so that they can keep going on the interior, it looks more like a greenhouse.  See that colored light on top of the building center?  That's a Christmas tree that the builders put up, like on all high rises.
So next week I am off on what should be an exciting fertilizer mission.  I should have plenty to report.