Saturday, January 26, 2013

In the NCRS Shop

So I haven't shown much of the shop lately...well let's fix that.  On Friday there were a variety of projects going on to get ready for the upcoming season.  Below Ron is welding up some sort of tanker loading platform for the Ashley plant.  (After taking this picture I'm just now able to see something besides spots.)
Phil had gotten parts to put together a liquid application assembly for a researcher that we are working with for the first time in 2013.  I hope to show it on their drill in the future.
Phil is impressed with the new sprayer that Tim B has built for the specialty crop tractor seen in the background.  It has a stainless steel tank and should be used a lot this coming season.  Hopefully they get the wheels back on the tractor by then.  (I'm impressed with Tim's work too.  It has already passed the leak test.)  Tim wears his "M" hat just to irritate me.
Robb is building a stand to hold the boom of the plot Hagie.  Here he is cutting some steel.  What will go on the Hagie when the boom is off?  Stay tuned.  I don't like to talk about future stuff until it is present stuff.
Every year it seems to take all winter to get the shop re-organized for the next season.  In the heat of the moment during the season, stuff doesn't necessarily get put back where it should be and gets stored on the floor or in the wrong place.  Dan has taken the monumental task of getting things put away.  You know how you are afraid to throw things away since maybe you will use it again someday in the future?  Well we finally got brave and pitched a bunch of things that were buried in dust.  It filled a big dumpster.  Dan is doing a great job.  Now we can ask him where things are.
We have finally gotten some snow...not a lot, but some.  Last week was really cold with lows below 0 and highs in single digits.  But how long will it last?  Still haven't had to plow snow off my drive, for the second straight year.  Here is a view of Farm 7 this morning.
Well next week I am off on a fertilizer mission.  Hope to report from the road.  But first a big announcement in a special blog post tomorrow.  (No, no one is leaving.  Quite the opposite.)