Sunday, June 23, 2013

Head em' up, Move em' out....

So just like we were promised, moving day to the new office did, in fact, occur last Friday at 4:00 pm EDT.  It was a parade back and forth of carrying our worldly work goods to our palatial new digs.
Below we see our leader Troy making a wagon run.

Now how many companies are there where your boss actually moves your stuff into the office for you?  My back was mysteriously sore, but cleared up right after he dropped off the load.  Thanks, Nick.
Here we see Lynette and Nikole moving some boxes into Nikoles office.  Again people helping others.  I must try that sometime.
Well here we are at my new work station.  Time to get things put away and get my bobble heads set out.  (Just kidding, Troy.  They are still in a box far away from the office.)
A sad note amidst all the mirth.  New Sales Account Manger Ashley is leaving us now for her new home in North Carolina.  It was so nice of her to come by to see the move before leaving town.  As you will recall, Ashley helped out quite a bit at the farm, riding in the grain cart weighing plot harvests, and lots of other stuff.  So it is sad to see her go, but happy for the opportunity to have her steer growth out East.  Good luck and safe trip Ashley!
Even Doug is getting his new place set up for business.  He is upstairs on the second floor.  (Did you know in England, what we call the second floor they call the first floor?  And what we call the first floor, they call the ground floor.  So this may be confusing if we ever open an office over there.) 
So here is our new home now that it is open for business.  There are still some finishing touches to be done, so you may hear some hammering or something when you call.
But it's an exciting time, and hopefully all of you readers will get a chance to pay a visit at some point.  But alas, another fertilizer missions beckons, so after a brief visit Monday morning, off I go.  But it will be enjoyable and I hope I can report back.

(By the way, surely many readers will know that the blog title refers to the old TV show "Rawhide".  Now that's a show.)