Tuesday, August 13, 2013

RFD Live from the NCRS

So guess what?  The wildly popular TV show RFD Live came to the NCRS for a live broadcast from our farm.  I had been on the show twice from their Nashville studio and always invited them to come up to the NCRS for a show.  Well what do you know...they did!  So yesterday (Monday) in spite of preparations for the big Research Field Days that started this week, we took time out to appear on the show.  After a busy day in the field getting things in order for the field day on Tuesday, everything stopped to get ready for the live broadcast at 8 pm EDT.  Well there was some makeup necessary so that we wouldn't be so shiny.  RFD producer Becky doubled as makeup person.  But wouldn't you know that Stephanie locked the door to the office that doubled as makeup room, knowing that I wanted to take a picture.  Well she didn't close the blinds on the window, so here she is getting made up for the big show.  She already looked nice as usual, but now she isn't so shiny.
Brian required a little extra work however. 
In our non-shiny mode, Stephanie and I are looking over the set in our shop.  It looks nice with some equipment and Liquid displays that were brought in for the show.  Nerves are on high alert.
Prior to the live show, RFD Live host Mark Oppold had an on camera interview with Stephanie, Brian and myself which would run on the RFD TV and radio news. Mark is a great guy and I was very happy that he was there for the show and to see the farm earlier in the day as I showed him and the producers around. 
Showtime at 8:00 with a live studio audience even.  It would not only be on TV, but on radio as well.  Rural Radio Sirius/XM channel 80 broadcast the show as well, but it was a little harder to see. There were a number of guests who had come in early for the field days to watch and participate.  There were a number of questions asked from the audience of guests from Michigan, Ohio, Kansas, Nebraska and Maine.  Now there is a cross section of growers.  In addition to the questions, we described what the NCRS is all about, how we do research here and elsewhere, and what is going on in the upcoming farm tours.  They also showed videos of the farm and tours, plus pictures of various research plots from around the country.  It was actually a good time and I thought it was the best show ever. 
Well I of course, DVR'd the show and watched it today after work.  It was good but always hard to watch yourself on TV.  (I need to keep my hands still.)  Here we are as we looked on the TV. 
Stephanie answers a question from the audience.  Notice that she is not shiny. 
So that was yesterday, and it was a good time and good show.  Today was the first Research Field Day of the week, but that blog post will be later tomorrow.  Hope you enjoyed the show, and if you couldn't see it, it should be available on our website soon.