Friday, August 2, 2013

Specialty Crops on Display

So the first Research Field Day of the season was on Wednesday of this week.  It was for a tour of the vegetable and fruit crop research by Dr. Brian Levene and his staff.  Sadly I was at another field day out of state and missed it. But I received these pictures so that I could give a report.  Wouldn't you know that it was rainy that day.  So the new rain-proof trailers were put to the test.  They passed.  It was much better than sitting on soggy straw bales.   
They made the rounds through the various plots over five farms.  Here is a review of the cantaloupe plots on Farm 3.

The Riesling and Concord grape research on Farm 1.
Since many vegetable growers also grow field crops like corn, Stephanie talked about different AgroLiquid in-furrow options and showed fertilizer effects on corn roots at a stop on Farm 12.

 A tour highlight was a stop at the new apple orchard on Farm 8.  Brian talked about treatments and plot layout in the high density orchard.
The potatoes on Farm 2 were soggy on tour day, but here is a bonus shot taken yesterday (Thursday).  They are really growing nicely.  These are Snowden variety potatoes that are used for potato chips.  Mmmm...potato chips!
So that was that.  Hopefully everyone that came enjoyed themselves and learned something besides, in spite of the rain.  So the field day season is underway.  The field crop tours begin the week after next, although Brian's research plots will still be part of those events as well.