Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Night Lights

So this is the time of year when it's dark when you get to work and also dark when you leave.  This evening a little after 5, Dale Ruff, who has the work station (not a cubicle) next to mine told me to look at the sunset out the window wall on the west side of our section of the office building.  Well he was giving some good advice, as you can see in the sunset picture below.  I have never seen anything like this before.  And loyal readers know that I have shown plenty of sunsets in the blog over the years.  I'm sure there is a name for this phenomenon, but I don't know what it is. 
 I ran (literally) up the stairs to the second floor balcony and took the picture below.  I mean something like this needs more than one picture. That was so cool.  But after sunset it was gone.  So it wasn't some sort of nuclear event.  And I promise that there was no trick photography or photo enhancement here.  This is the way that it was.
There were a number of Liquid employees snapping pics of the sunset, including Dale out the back door.
Well I already had my camera out, so here is the Liquid Christmas tree out in the lobby area.  It was donated and is a very nice tree.  I will say it was a challenge getting it put up in the stand on Monday, and supported by cables.  But it was worth the effort as you can see.  (Well I guess I didn't contribute any effort, but fortunately some people did.)  There is another tree in the back by the entrance to the IQ Hub, which will be open for business next year.  More on that later as the date approaches.
 So someone has done a great job of decoration.  Here is a view of the place from out front.  The green lit tree is actually dedicated to our founder Mr. Douglas Cook.  Can't believe it's been nearly 3 years since his passing.  He was a major influence on my career and I am still so glad that I got to work with him for so many years.
 Here is a closer view from the outside, with the big tree all lit up. So I think the first Christmas in our nice new office is looking top notch. 
So can you believe I have a fertilizer mission next week?  It is a company affair, but hopefully there will be something blog-worthy to report.  I will close by saying that this is an important football weekend for graduates and fans of Oklahoma State and Michigan State University.  Hey, I fit that description!  Well I hope that by this time tomorrow (Saturday) I am happy....and Galynn is sad.  Galynn is is supposed to be at the game in Stillwater.  Hope he has a Sooner red snowsuit as it will be arctic cold.  Hey maybe that sunset is an outer space orange omen that the Cowboys will indeed beat the Sooners!   That orange spike must be a #1!  Glad I figured that out.  Anyway, Go Cowboys... and Spartans too!

Update #1:  Saturday. 3:57 pm.  I could not be more depressed.  Defeat snatched from the jaws of victory.  Stupid sun omen.
Update #2: Sunday 12:16 am.  Nothing like a Spartan victory to cheer you up.  Especially since they are Big 10 Champions and Rose Bowl bound.  Go Green!