Monday, December 23, 2013

Not Nice Ice

So we had an ice storm over the weekend.  It was bad....really bad.  And by bad I mean that I still don't have power.   The picture below is the omen of what was to come.  It was taken Friday morning at the NCRS by Tim D.  But the real carnage didn't start until Saturday night with the intense freezing rain and power.
I got up Sunday morning and took a look around.  There were loud gunshot sounds all over as branches broke from trees and then shower down with the ice sounding like broken glass.  Look at the broken trees in this poor schmuck's yard. 
 Oh no, he's going to have a busy chainsaw session in the future.
 Yikes.  Oh the humanity.
 Hey looks like that poor schmuck is me!  Fortunately no branches landed on the Liquid Taurus...which has become a source of heat and phone charging.
 Well today I looked for similar damage at the NCRS about 20 miles to the North of me.  One broken branch.  Big deal.
I have a wealth of blogs in waiting, but wasn't able to access the blog post machine over the weekend, but will try to get caught up soon.  In the meantime, it looks like I will have plenty of firewood in the future.