Sunday, September 27, 2015

Ohio Farm Science Review Review

So last week was the 53rd annual Farm Science Review show in London, Ohio.  It has long been one of the premier outdoor ag shows, so of course AgroLiquid is a regular exhibitor.  I drove down with Regional Sales Manager Bob to help set up the tent with him and Sales Account Manager Kurt.  Again I observe that there was some assembly required as we unloaded the car and pickup into piles of stuff to be made into displays.  Below we see Bob in step 1 of 689.  As usual I help by taking pictures of other people working.
 But by sunrise the next day we were ready for business.  What do you think?
 I managed to walk around some to see other exhibits.  It is quite a big show, with exhibits covering 80 acres.  I liked this creative combine display.
 Blue Stone Solutions is a Retail Partner of AgroLiquid down in Ohio, and they had their own tent and display.  Of course it was about as far as possible from our AgroLiquid tent.  But I was up for a walk.  They also sell cover crops, and had some large "grow out" boxes to show the depth of the root growth.
 Brenna explains the benefits of cover crops and root penetration to some curious growers that stopped by.  I tried to take a picture of the roots, but they didn't show up very well due to glare.  But they were clearly visible if you saw them live.  They are a little heavy though.
Back at the AgroLiquid tent, people are learning all they ever wanted to know about our nutrient benefits.
Well there was an extra seat on an airplane headed North in the late afternoon, so I hopped on board as I had stuff to do the next day back at AgroLiquid world headquarters.  Here is a pic of the site. Our tent is down there, and I made sure that no one was goofing off as I flew over.  In the end, it was reported that over 116,000 people attended the show over the three days.  
So come on by for the 54th annual show next year.  Our tent will be bigger and better than ever, I'm sure.