Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Research Field Days...Over and Out (Till Next Year)

So the Research Field Days are all over for another year with the last one on Tuesday.  There were four dates this year and they drew quite a crowd.  Not sure of the exact number, but I don't think it was quite a thousand.  Here are some highlights from Tuesday.   Look at how the corn in Dr. Zouheir's soil monolith has grown since last week.  Is that an ear?  Amazing.  Chemist Dr. Chris is impressed.
This is from Albert's unmanned aerial system prior to the arrival of the bus loads of visitors from the office.  Cool looking site of lots to do and see.
So today I will feature more of the exhibits not shown in the previous RFD post.  Like Stephanie showing plots with different nitrogen applications in corn.
 Here is Jeff showing different planter application options for liquid fertilizer.  The Monosem planter has different placements like in the seed furrow, 2x2 and above ground with the Ag Xcel band on top of the ground.
 Now Stephanie is showing the Y Drop applicators  from 360 Yield Center on our Hagie sprayer.
Agronomist Dan is showing the effects of different fertilizers on corn roots as well as on the ears.
 All good fertility programs begin with a properly collected soil test.   Agronomists John from AgroLiquid and Jim from Midwest Labs explain the ABC's of correct soil and tissue sampling.
 Albert has become an excellent pilot of the Unmanned Aircraft Systems on display.  He has been taking some amazing videos of life on the NCRS.  You can still see it if you go to the website and click on the Field Day picture under featured videos.  (It's on the lower left of the home page.)  But wait till you finish reading this first.

There was even a golf challenge.  Pitch the ball in one of the circles around the hole and win a valuable prize!  Here are some visitors who came all the way from Pakistan for the field day giving it their best shot.  (We were multi-national this week with additional visitors from Canada and Mexico.)
Success!  Phil awards a new Liquid knife to the excited winner.  But really, no one is a loser who attends the field day.
With the expanse of exhibits and tours, the food tent stayed open for several hours to accommodate the hungry attendees.  Sweet corn, potatoes, melons, green pepper, cauliflower and broccoli from the pulled pork.  Now that's worth the trip there.
Alas, it finally had to end.  By late afternoon all of the visitors had left and it was time to pack up.  Ag Pro Farm Service loads their tanks onto the trailer.  If you need fertilizer and someplace to put it in Central Michigan, give them a call.
So I was always skeptical when people say they start planning for next year's event as soon as the current one is over.  But that really happened here.  Based on the success of this year, next year promises to be even bigger and better.  Watch for dates.  And thanks to all of those nice people and vendors that attended this year.