Monday, August 31, 2015

FARM to Fork Charity 5K

So this past Saturday was the Second Annual Farm to Fork 5K run/walk race at the NCRS.  As with the First Annual, it took lots of preparation and volunteers, but was fun for all when Saturday came. Part of the preparation was the marking of the 5K course on Friday.   Here we see Galynn doing his best to connect the start and the finish line.  It was pretty close.
Here is the registration table on Saturday morning.  Between pre-register and same day register, there were 270 participants.  This number was a little lower than last year, as the threat of rain scared off a bunch of people.  But it was for charity, and the the dedicated ones showed up for a fun event.  And it didn't rain during the race anyway.  Farm Guy gives a high five to a young attendee.  Everyone wanted to see him.  
 Here again are the brothers Jacob and Eric who have the proud status of being former workers at the NCRS during their high school days some years ago.  Eric was quite a track star in high school and college, and is the defending champion from last year.  And to be fair, Jacob was a high school football star himself.
I was pleased to hear a live rendition of the National Anthem prior to the start.  And then surprised to find out that it was our own Nick Bancroft doing the singing.  With no musical accompaniment either.  (A style invented by that well-known songster Al Capella.)  He hit all of the high and low notes just like a pro.  He said he practiced a lot while mowing.
 And they're off at 8:00 am.
 Eric and a newcomer named Faoud quickly move to the front.  But it seems that Faoud came to dominate the course and competition.  Farm Guy cheers them on from his tractor perch.
 And Faoud did end up the winner at an official time of 16 minutes and 51 seconds.  An excellent time for the course around that wound around the farm with hills and curves, grass and dirt road.  I talked to him later and he is a 20 year old chemistry major at MSU and a really nice guy.  He did say that it was the best laid out 5K course he had ever run.  As part of the course committee, I complimented him on his accurate assessment.
 Now since it was a run AND walk, I went back over to Farm 5 to check on the walkers.  Here comes a line of walkers down the stretch through our corn maze.  It's a pretty easy maze being a straight line and all, but pretty and fun just the same.
Here is speed walker Paul exiting the challenging maze.
 And mom Andrea, sister Ruby and brother Levi are close behind.  Other brother David is somewhere with Dad, Nick.
Angi from Marketing and her Mom give a quick wave as they pass by.

And at the end you are welcomed by Farm Guy.  And Jill.  (Now some were calling her Farm Girl, but I want to receive official approval first.  But we were on a farm....and she is a why not?)
Troy's Dad Joe and his posse cross the line.  Good job!
Behind all great events is a great woman in this case.  Our own Eustaquia again was the chairperson who fretted over the details all year, but again pulled off a great event.  The race raised nearly $20,000 mostly for the Greater Lansing Food Bank and also for Michigan FFA scholarships.  Farm Guy agrees that he is the second most important person in this picture.  They are holding a poster of the race course.  It covered quite a bit of the NCRS.
And for the second year in a row, it began to rain at the conclusion of the day's activities.
So it stands to reason that in next August will be the THIRD annual 5K race.  See you there.