Monday, August 24, 2015

How Far We've Come...and Gone

So can you believe it?  This is the 500th blog post of your favorite blog: LIVE FROM THE NCRS.  I don't think I've ever done anything 500 times.  Well not intentionally anyway.    
That's a lot of information and reading.  Like if a NASCAR driver read one blog per mile in a 500 mile race, he would be reading this one at the finish line.  (But this pic is from mile 499.)

Ah yes, back on May 15, 2010 was blog post #1.  Back then it was intended to cover activities happening at the NCRS.  But since then, in addition to the NCRS, it has become sort of a travel log of Liquid around this great country of ours.  Which is kind of appropriate since I really don't work at the NCRS anymore.

As such, it is with some sadness to announce that this is the final episode of this blog, LIVE FROM THE NCRS.  Five hundred episodes is surely enough.  Even Bonanza and Gunsmoke eventually rode off into the sunset. (Probably not everyone gets this reference anyway.)  Besides there is Facebook now from the NCRS.  So thanks for your readership these past five years and I will see you in the future somewhere in the Land of Liquid.