Sunday, August 2, 2015

A Great Day at the Ag Ph.D. Field Day

So last Thursday was the Ag Ph.D. Field Day in Baltic, SD.  Hard to believe that this is the sixth straight field day that I have attended here.  And of course the sixth straight blog post as well.  In looking back over the years it is apparent how much the event has grown, along with Agro-Liquid's presence.  Did you know that Agro-Liquid fertilizers are used not only on the corn and bean plots in front of our tent, but on ALL of the crops, varieties and otherwise, at the show?  (Well there are a few plots of other products, but only a few.)  Well now you do. So that is evidence of growth right there.  Here we see the plot tour kicking off the day with Brian and Darren Hefty describing what is going on in the various plots.  Here they are going by the AgroLiquid plots.
 The tent was busy with lots of growers from all over the country stopping by to get the scoop on AgroLiquid.  Chad, Galynn and Brad are spreading the word, along with others not seen.
 And right next door was the Responsible Nutrient Management Foundation booth, also spreading the word on using nutrients in a responsible manner.  See that Polaris quad on the left?  That was given away in a raffle during the day.  One of the benefits of being there.
Look at all the people following along.  I talked to people from all over the country that made their way to the show, including some fellow Okies.

Someone was so enamored with the AgroLiquid soybean plots that he filmed it.  Well actually that guy was from RFD TV, and who knows what they will do with that footage, but you never know.  (Do they still call captured motion digital images "footage"?)
There was lots to see and not just along the lanes of exhibitor tents.  Field crops, equipment, irrigation, drones....and more.  And plenty to eat.  Now that's a show!
 Here are some crop genetics on display.  Also had the 2,4-D/dicamba soybeans, dwarf corn and all sorts of other new genetics.  But they have to keep in mind that in today's ag economy, cost is a big issue.
Cotton in South Dakota?  Almost as crazy as cotton in Michigan.  But come to our Research Field Days, and you will see some Michigan cotton.
 And back for a return engagement is the Vanguard Squadron of stunt pilots.  
And for more entertainment among all of the ag stuff: Coach Mike Ditka! And where was this Meet and Greet taking place?  Why in the AgroLiquid tent of course.  Only the top venue for such a coaching legend.
Stuart maintains crowd control as the fans line up for pictures and autographs.  He also gave a speech later, but I missed that.  But interesting to see him in person.
There were a number of crops clinics during the day.  The biggest one, the high-yield corn clinic was in a tent sponsored by AgroLiquid.  It had three top yield-producing growers from Georgia, Texas and Illinois. They had grown yields of 500 bu/A, and were sharing tips on getting better yields. There were three different sessions lasting nearly three hours, and the tent was full the whole time.  
 There were also some competition yield plots in corn, soybeans and wheat by Brian, Darren and others.  There is plenty of AgroLiquid in these plots.  In fact, in the corn plot, Hefty Agronomist Rob Fritz is going foliar only (other than Nitrogen) with six weekly applications of ferti-Rain, NResponse and some other additives that I am not familiar with.  They said that all the results will be revealed at their winter crops clinics.  Here Brian gives the overview.
So after it was over, I headed East for the 800 mile drive home.  I see that one grower must have learned that it is important to control soybean diseases and had his ag pilot on top of this.
This was absolutely maddening.  There was constant bumper-to-bumper traffic the next day from way North of Chicago clear into Michigan.  I longed for the open South Dakota countryside.  But it does show that there are lot's of people to feed, and that is our mission.
I will look for a long-cut that has less traffic next time.  But it was a great event.  Next year it is on July 28.  I have it on my calendar already.