Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ag Ph.D Field Day Preview

 So here it is, the last week of July and time for one of the premier agriculture Field Days: The Ag PhD Field Day in Baltic, SD.  AgroLiquid has exhibited there for years, and it is an annual post here in the blog.  Well it starts tomorrow, but today is exhibitor set up.  So how about a preview?  Here is the eye-catching van trailer that will be by our tent.  
There is a run-through of the field day plots, and here Brian and Darren go through what they will say on the big plot tour tomorrow.  Why that looks like the AgroLiquid corn plot.  That's because it is.
 Look how tall the corn is.  Lonny, Beth, Galynn and Troy stand in front for height comparison.
 Not satisfied with a drive by look, Galynn fights pollen and sharp-edged leaves for a closer look at the corn plot.
 Here is the AgroLiquid tent.  Looks like we're ready for a big crowd.
We also had a special guest speaker: John Ratzenberger.  He is best known for playing Cliff Clavin on Cheers, but also for various voices in Pixar movies like the Toy Story's.  So what would he have to talk about.  Well it is his observations about how different things are today where so many people don't know how to do what was once taken for granted.  Like how to fix stuff, build things and too much political correctness.  The exception to this is farmers.  Very good to hear, so hope farmers stick around.  Also talked about how he got the Cliff job which was funny.
And who would argue with this?
Well got to get rested for tomorrow.  Stop by if you can.