Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Natural Look Has Friends.....and Enemies.

So hopefully you read the recent blog post about the prairie grass landscape around the AgroLiquid office here in St. Johns.  Well for a few weeks several people had said that they had seen a pair of young foxes out in the tall grass.  There had also been a hawk hanging around.  So we had up and become a wildlife refuge.  Well last Friday one of the foxes was laying on the rocks right next to the glass of one of the first floor work areas.  It created quite an interest as a number of us were right there watching and taking pictures.  He/she didn't care.  
 Tired of posing, time for a nap on the rock mattress.
On a related note, evidently not everyone liked the AgroLiquid natural landscape.  A neighbor or two strongly complained that they didn't like it one bit.  So in order to keep the peace, poor Troy asked that the front part of the property be mowed.  So it was, and here it is this morning.  The rest of the refuge was kept intact.  He said we would re-seed it this fall to bluegrass to look like all the other lawns. Only better.  But think of all the extra gallons of gas to be consumed mowing now.  Oh the humanity.
 So what side of the road are you on?