Friday, July 17, 2015

Some Assembly Required

So how often do we see "some assembly required" on a purchase and know that there will be hours spent putting the thing together before it can be used?  Well that is the case for the Solid Set Canopy Delivery (SSCD) system being installed in the NCRS orchard.  This is a new system for delivery of pesticides, nutrients and even cooling water to an orchard, and it will replace having to run a sprayer through.  This can cut the application time down to minutes and keep it on target rather than going all over the place with a sprayer.  And we have neighbors, so this will be better.  But first it has to be put together.  Jacob installs the carrier pipe along the top wire.
The specialty crop crew puts the spray bodies, hoses and nozzles together.  There is one piece for each tree, and there are around 3000 trees, so you do the math.  Here we see intern Seth, NCRS researcher Jacob and interns Ryan and Matt in assembly mode.  They probably won't be looking for work in a plastic factory someday after weeks of this.
Brian cuts the pvc pipe into pieces for part of the body.  He was careful so we don't have to give him a nickname like "Lefty".
And here is the finished part, I think.  It will be attached to the overhead hose, and then the smaller hoses go down into the tree canopy and are set to spray the leaves.  There are actually two different designs that will be tested for these applications, including nutrient testing.
So you should be able to see it in action, well with water for demonstration, at the upcoming Research Field Days starting in late August.  This alone would be worth the trip.  See you there!