Sunday, August 16, 2015

Mint Madness

 So anyone who lives here in Mid-Michigan knows that the middle of August can only mean one thing: The St. Johns Mint Festival.  And the highlight of the festival is the Saturday morning parade.  And the highlight of the parade is the AgroLiquid delegation and float.  All decked out in the official Liquid parade shirt, the marchers assemble for pre-parade instructions from Jill.
 Then it's onto the people movers for the ride into town to the parade assembly area.  Hey, that guy up there looks just like Farm Guy.  At least I hope it is.
 I think this is the largest assemblage of AgroLiquid Mint Marchers ever.  Employees, kids, friends and family...everyone wants to be in the parade.
 Waiting for the start, lucky Farm Guy gets a peck on the cheek from Leslie and Sarah, much to the delight of a young onlooker.
Believe it or not, this is the AgroLiquid float...with the theme of Mint Madness.  Galynn and Dean certainly fit that theme.  As mad scientists they have brewed up some fertilizer samples.  On the right must be some green Pro-Germinator and then some purple Sure-K.  Not sure what the yellow one is, unless Galynn made that using his own production methods.
Then it's time for the parade to start.  Leading the way for AgroLiquid is the big banner.
 It wanders through the streets of St. Johns, lined with onlookers the whole way.  Hey is that a dog in the truck?
Good boy!
We came bearing gifts of candy, store coupons, field day announcements and fertilizer samples.
 It was pretty hot and humid.  So I guess Farm Guy deserves a lift.
 Stephanie and 2/3 of her kids march on.  Her other 1/3 was in one of the tractors with Dad.
 And at last came the final stretch through downtown.
 I think the heat has added to the madness of these scientists.  Especially Galynn who had his brain literally exposed to the sun the whole time.  I mean literally.
So that was a good way to spend a Saturday morning.  Too bad we have to wait a whole year till the next Mint Parade.  But it will take a year to top this entry.  And certainly worth the drive of any distance to come see it.