Friday, August 28, 2015

Research Field Days

 So certainly one of the highlights of agricultural folks across the country, and Canada, and Mexico, is the Research Field Days at the North Central Research Station.  Here we open the doors to allow people to learn all about AgroLiquid, new farming info and see the latest from a variety of visiting vendors.  So it's basically a Farm Show just for you right here at our own place.  Visitors come to our corporate office to register, and then have the opportunity to visit with staff and in this case, learn about our products from Nick.
Out in the lobby there were product chemistry demonstrations as well as a chance to learn about phosphorus soil movement and plant uptake from Dr. Zouhair Massri of the NCRS.  Here he shows some visitors from Montana the type of breakthrough research he is conducting.
From there they rode buses out to the NCRS Demonstration Farm where there were a number of agronomy learning stops featuring fertilizers (of course), equipment, nutrient placement, soil sampling, irrigation, tanks, GPS field monitoring, unmanned aerial vehicles, and probably lot's more stuff.  The visitors were free to visit the stops on their own schedules. 
One of the coolest sites was this irrigation tower put up by Farm Services of Lakeview, MI.  These are the same folks that put up our linear systems on two of our farms.  They had a variety of nozzle packages on display.
We have conducted numerous studies on fertilization with strip tillage equipment over the years. Here Tim explains the finer points of AgroLiquid applications on our Orthman 1tRIPr, and ran it too. You had to trust the GPS guidance since we have buried drip tape here.  But it split the middles just like it should.
There were several field tours as well.  Like this one in the apple orchard.  Jacob explained what is going on there with research, discussed his top five favorite orchard fertilizers and also demonstrated the Solid Set Canopy Delivery system that I featured in a recent blog post.  Everyone was impressed with the research operation.  Me too.
Well I was put to work as well, taking some trailer loads of visitors over to Farm 7 to show some of the replicated plot fertilizer experiments.  Like this one examining fertilizer program sustainability in corn and soybeans.  I always enjoy featuring the research that gives rise to new products and recommendations.
Well this was over the first three field days last week.  Fear not, there is one more next Tuesday.  Go to our website to sign up.  There were hundreds of people from all over the country here.  Plus, like I said, Canada and Mexico next week.  I was so busy that I wasn't able to make my usual photography rounds.  So for once I had to appeal to others to provide me some pictures.  So thanks to Adam and Angi from Marketing, and Intern Quinten for some of these.  There are still some presentation stops that I didn't show, so I have a mission next Tuesday to feature these as well.  So stop by so you can be included in the pics as "man looking at brochure as Stephanie talks."