Thursday, October 22, 2015

Football on the Plains...the tour continues

 So last Saturday we was Saturday.  So naturally it was a day for NCAA football.  There was a game in Manhattan, Kansas that Galynn managed to obtain tickets for, but it was for his Sooners against the Kansas State Wildcats.  But it was a game that showed promise of being entertaining.  We were still in Fairbury, Nebraska, so off we went Saturday morning.

 On the way, there was either some odd tillage practice, or evidence of aliens.
Once there, Craig and I donned our Wildcats hats just to bug Galynn...but he didn't care.  Craig also had to show that he was a Michigan fan.  Ugh! What could be worse for me...a Cowboy Spartan, than to be in the company of a Sooner and a Wolverine?  Adding to the frustration was that a number of people were also Michigan fans and high-fived Craig.  There's just no understanding some people. But it was fun wandering around the tailgaters and visiting with some.  I like the college game atmosphere. And the stadium is really nice.   
Now here are some true fans.  Imagine all of the breeding necessary to produce purple poodles.
 We finally made it to our seats and here is the kick-off.  But that was the last time that the game was close.  It was a Sooner track meet, winning 55-0.  The stadium was over half empty by the third quarter.  In fact a big cheer went up late in the fourth quarter when the Wildcats passed the 100 yard mark for total offense.  (I think they were being sarcastic, don't you?)  See that big scoreboard in the corner?  Well they show replays that are sponsored by different businesses, including AgroLiquid.  I tried to get a picture, but you didn't know when it would be on, and by the time I got my phone converted to camera mode, it was over.  But it was cool to see.  I hope the Kansas farmers saw it before they all left after halftime.
Well Saturday was also the day of the big MSU - U of M game.  Can't believe I was watching a blowout here when the other game was on at the same time.  Craig and I were trying to keep up on our phones.  But it was sometime later that we learned of the miracle last play that won it for the Spartans. Talk about an emotional swing for both of us.
So it really was a fun day.  Well for me anyway.