Friday, October 23, 2015

Kansas...more than just ruby slippers.

 So then last Sunday we were in Sedgwick, KS home of Retail Partner Quality Ag which is Jerry Cordell and his wife Kelly.  Jerry has been providing AgroLiquid in he area for many years, and I've known him that long as well.  We all were in for a crop tour of the area.  Like these soybeans fertilized with AgroLiquid that are close to harvest.  That's Jerry between Galynn and Craig.
Milo is a major crop in the area which is just North of Wichita.  Here is a nice looking field of milo grown with AgroLiquid.  Looking good and close to harvest.  Milo is popular since it has a lower water requirement than corn.
 Birds like milo and occasionally you see a flock having a buffet.  But there are more fields than birds.
 Some fields of milo look good, and some not so much.  Well a number of fields didn't look so good and this was one of those.  The culprit?  Sugarcane aphid.  They have been increasing in numbers the last couple years as they have blown up from Louisiana.  There is nothing to harvest here as the heads are void of seeds
This picture is from a research plot in milo near Hinton, OK last year.  See all of the aphids?  Well they literally suck the life out of the milo.  You can also see some Lady Bug larvae eating them, but there are not enough to do the job.  Monitoring fields and spraying for control early is the key.  But these fields that are ruined by the aphid evidently were not checked.  So the lesson is to monitor your crops.
Jerry grew up on a farm right close to where he is now.  Here is a John Deere DFB-16 drill bought by his grandfather in 1966.  He has it set up for AgroLiquid and decided to use it to seed a 100 acre field on the family farm.
Jerry shows it to Galynn and Craig.  There is a connection to the past using the same equipment that his grandfather used.  But the old mixed with the new as far as the plant nutrients.
 Here is the field several weeks after seeding.  A lot of work with a 10 foot drill.  You can see the encroachment of Wichita moving to the country.
Well Jerry also set up some drill fertilizer comparisons.  Here is the crew looking at some dug up wheat plants.
On the left are some plants that had some LiberateCa along with the Pro-Germinator + High NRG-N + Micro 500 compared to no Liberate on the right.  In the plants extracted, it looks like the Liberate promoted root growth.  But he will check yields at harvest next year.
On Monday we flew West to Kinsley, the home of Tyree Ag.  Tim Tyree started the business fifteen years ago with his wife Paige.  They offer ground and aerial application of plant protection products along with AgroLiquid fertilizers.  Tim gave us a tour of the area.  Now on Monday the wind was blowing about as strong as it could be without a hurricane warning.  Here we are watching some milo harvest.  Harvest is just about wrapped up.
Galynn couldn't resist the opportunity to make sure they were loading the grain trailer correctly.
Here Tim and Galynn visit with a grower applying Pro-Germinator + High NRG-N + Micro 500 as he seeds his wheat.  He remarked about how clean the fertilizer is as it ran through the drill compared to other fertilizers used in the past.  Now who can argue with that?
 Here is another field that was seeded earlier with AgroLiquid.  Looking as good as it can.
So that was a good couple of days seeing local performance of AgroLiquid nutrition and seeing our Retail Partners.  And they did get a couple tenths of rain.  But more is requested.