Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Tidings from AgroLiquid

So the lobby screens at HQ scroll through Christmas scenes...and this is one of them that I like.  It is of a typical Christmas scene in Michigan with snow covering the landscape.  But not this year. Michigan is on the warm side of the country and it has been anything but wintery.  In fact, on Wednesday we set a record high temp of 61 degrees.

And below is where some landscaping was done out front late in the fall.  Grass seed was planted with the intention of germination in the spring.  Well the seed must have thought it was already spring.
Here is the lobby Christmas tree.  See the flag at the top of the tree?  That was a challenge to put on. This is one of three nice big trees at the office.  How festive we are.
Some of you may be aware that we have just recently undergone a name and logo change.  Now we are AgroLiquid, and Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers has been retired.  This is on my tree at home where there is the old and the new.  I will still put up the old ornament each year.  Next to the new one.  Our website has been agroliquid from the start of the internet, so it is already in the loop.  And the new logo is certainly eye-catching.
There is lot's to do as the new name officially starts on January 1.  New letterhead, product literature, business cards, logos on trucks, trailers, railcars, other vehicles....and on our corporate office.  Off came the old and up goes the new.  Below Phil and Ron D make the new installation.  In fact, I already forgot what it used to look like.  I will compliment Ron as he made the template and got all the holes drilled to match the real thing. 
Mission accomplished!  That certainly lets everyone know who we are.
Since part of Christmas is for giving, here is a gift from Agronomic Sciences:  the 2015 Research Report.  It was just posted to the website yesterday on Christmas Eve.  It has the reports of all the experiments from the NCRS and off-site contract research and PFE plots.  I will give some extra recognition to Stephanie who had the task of converting everything to the web publishable format we see here.  Plus put in edits and rearrangements as needed, and still get it on before our (actually her) Christmas deadline.  So take a look.  It's on the Research Tab and then click Research Results, and then 2015 Report.  Glad that's done as it has dominated our time of late.
Well it seems that there is always something to be done up till the last minute.  The office was open till noon on Christmas Eve.  So those of us still there till the end want to wish all of the loyal blog readers A Very Merry Christmas!!!
It's been a very challenging year for many reasons, but rewarding as well.  We look for a strong year ahead.  The blog will probably take a short Christmas break, but it too will be back for Year 7.  Also stronger than ever.