Monday, January 18, 2016

AgroLiquid's Pacific Adventure, Part 1.

So I've been out the past couple weeks...out in the ocean in Hawaii.  Or more specifically Kauai, the Garden Island.  Well I was fortunate to be able to accompany the group of Retail Partners who had qualified for a trip, or Research Trip as it is called.  Additionally there were some growers and other personnel from AgroLiquid.  (I will say that ownership is generous enough such that at some point all employees have an opportunity to go.  And go again too.)  So anyway, there were over 100 people in the AgroLiquid group at the beautiful Kauai Beach Resort.  In fact, we have been coming to this particular resort for 20 years now.  Besides, the Spartans, Cowboys and even the Sooners had all lost their bowl games, so forget about that and enjoy the sun.

On the first morning there is an orientation breakfast.  I was describing the upcoming adventures that people had signed up for in advance.  I usually don't show pictures of myself in the blog, but I really like this Aloha shirt and admittedly don't wear it much, or at all, in Michigan.
The first adventure required no advance sign up...the annual climb of the Sleeping Giant mountain. It is over 1000 feet elevation at the top, and the trail is around 3 miles.  You can see him laying down and sleeping here in this pic from the beach near the resort.  His head is on the left, and we call that sharp pointy part a little way down the chin.  The head and chin are the goal.  
We left at 8 am and there was a pretty large group of 22 climbers.  Everyone is clean and smiling now.  Nearly all were first timers.
It's a pretty good incline.  It's not all like this here, but you have to be careful.  No one wants to be carried down injured, and no one wants to carry someone who is injured down either.  As casualties with AgroLiquid.
 Up towards the top, Troy and Darrel yell at me for being slow.
Up on the chin.  Don't look down.  It's a shear 1000 foot drop.  (Well probably only 7 or 800 feet, but the result is probably the same.)  But most have to get up and pose.  I usually don't show pictures of myself in the blog, but's the Chin!  Plus I had on the new dri-fit AgroLiquid shirt.
The view is fantastic.  This is looking back towards Mt. Waialeale (say it just like it's spelled.)  It is reported to be the wettest place on earth.  There is a crater on the other side, and a rain gauge on top at 5150 feet.  It averages 452" of rain a year, with 683" in 1982.
 This is looking up the coast to the North.  Now I was here the previous week with family and climbed it then too.  But Galynn had to be the King of Climbers having climbed it four times during the week.  Overachiever.
Later that day there was a special event for the Platinum performers and Ring of Excellence Retail Partners. It was a tour of the Na Aina Kai botanical garden.  It was developed by a wealthy couple and is now managed by their foundation.  But there are acres of beautiful tropical plants and a large collection of metal statues of all sorts scattered around.  Like the one in the picture below.  We split into small tour groups to see the place.  Very impressive.
Galynn seems to have lost something at the top of this cool Rainbow Eucalyptus tree.  I usually don't show pictures of Galynn in the blog, but he looked needy.
 We got to see several albatross nests.  Well there isn't much to the nests, but they stand guard over the single egg.  Only one egg a year, but they live a long time so have opportunity for a number of offspring.
This is the view off the bluff near the albatross nests, still at the botanical garden.  (Insert own adjectives here.)
Well the week was just getting started, but this is a good place to break for now.