Thursday, January 21, 2016

Our New Retail Partner in the Aloha State

 So you've read in the past blogs about how AgroLiquid is used by Kauai Coffee. Not on all of the acres, but quite a few.  They indicated that they like to work with a Hawaiian company for nutrients for most of the acres.  They like to work with the locals, can't blame them for that.  And in the past we have had fertilizer used by seed company research on the island and elsewhere, but there is high turnover there and as soon as one guy gets on board, he's gone back to the mainland.  So the best way to sell fertilizer here, and anywhere, is to have a local dealer. So I am happy to announce that there is now an AgroLiquid Retail Partner in Hawaii.  I had known about them for some time, and made contact over a year ago, and the agreement was signed in late November by...BEI Hawaii. Their main office is in Honolulu, and they started in Hawaii as a guano (look it up) company back in 1890 and have grown to be a supplier of crop protection and nutrients for all of Hawaii.  Now add AgroLiquid to their offerings.

So a couple weeks ago I was having breakfast with their manager on Kauai, Eli Pablo, and he got a phone call.  It seems that our ISO tanker was being delivered to Kauai Coffee that very morning.  He asked if I wanted to go see it.  I swallowed my last bite of eggs and said "let's go."  It was the first order being delivered by BEI as a Retail Partner and we got there as their truck entered the tank yard with 4300 gallons of High NRG-N and Sure-K.  It had been picked up off the boat at the harbor in Nawiliwili, and brought here.  It had started out at our plant in Stockton, CA and put on a boat in Oakland. I had worked with Kauai Coffee for several years, and this was the first opportunity to see an ISOtanker delivered.
 They liked our modern tank.  It looked nice, but was already out of style now that we are AgroLiquid with a new logo and all.  So a new paint job is needed.  And all I had was a green Sharpie, so I decided to wait for professionals.
 Here is the tank yard where the AgroLiquid fertilizer is stored...but just for a short while.  You can see the mill in the background that we toured in the last blog post.  Those towers are used to dry the beans by the way.
 And from the tanks it is hauled to the fields to run through the drip lines on the wonderful coffee trees.
So I'm looking forward to working with our new Retail Partner BEI Hawaii and expanding the use of AgroLiquid.  Eli and their General Manager Carolyn from Honolulu were at our banquet.  It was pointed out that they were already in Hawaii, so maybe their sales reward trip will have to be to Michigan in January.  Now that is some incentive.